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Download PDF by J. L. Usher: Ammonite Faunas of the Upper Cretaceous Rocks of Vancouver

By J. L. Usher

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Pseudo-galtinum Y o k o y a m a from ' U p p e r Senonian' rocks of Japan. T h e Cedar District-Trent R i v e r fauna has considerable in c o m m o n with that of the Haslam faunizone, and for this reason the t w o faunizones are considered t o be y o u n g e r and older parts of the same stage. It has already been pointed o u t h o w certain elements in the Haslam faunizone suggest that it might b e Santonian rather than C a m p a n i a n , b u t in v i e w of the share that several species exercise in b o t h faunizones, and the pre­ sence in the higher Cedar District-Trent R i v e r zone of such forms as Hoplitoplacenticeras vancouverense, Ptychoceras vancouverense, Schluteria selwyniana, and Pachydiscus cf.

T o s o m e extent the, migratory process was repeated b y the m o v e m e n t northward of Baculites in N o r t h u m b e r l a n d - L a m b e r t time; (4) that, in reality, stratigraphically equivalent formations have few species in c o m m o n . , Schluteria selwyniana, and Baculites chicoensis, are found in b o t h basins. E. W. A. LANCE LENNEP sandstone sandstone PIERRE CEDAR DISTRICT TRENT RIVER PROTECTION COMOX BLOOD RESERVE QUALICUM BEARPAW FOREMOST FOREMOST LEA PARK EQUIVALENTS ALBERTA GROUP BENTON The chart is not to scale with respect to either time or thickness of Forma­ tions.

Cross­ b e d d e d layers and lenses of sandstone are interbedded with, and b e c o m e more plentiful toward the t o p of, this m e m b e r to where it passes u p w a r d i n t o the overlying interbedded sandstone a n d c o n g l o m e r a t e zone. T h e strata in the youngest m e m b e r , and particularly the conglomerate beds, are finer grained than those immediately b e l o w , although the sandstones m u c h resemble those t o w a r d the base of the formation. Fossil belemnoids have been reported b y R i c h a r d s o n and W h i t e a v e s from the lowest sandstone m e m b e r of the formation.

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Ammonite Faunas of the Upper Cretaceous Rocks of Vancouver Island, British Columbia by J. L. Usher

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