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New PDF release: American Exodus

By Giles Slade

ISBN-10: 1550925482

ISBN-13: 9781550925487

As temperatures upward push, declines in agricultural creation and freshwater provide will scale down US wearing capability by way of 2/3, and emerging sea degrees will influence the country's so much densely populated areas. a daunting survey of what's to return, American Exodus argues that mankind can continue to exist the arriving century of weather chaos if we act fast to maintain our shield of final hotel.

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84 This example shows that using the word “raid” to translate ghazwah in the context of the incidents studied in this chapter is sometimes inaccurate and indeed misleading. In six of these nine ghazawāt, the Prophet did not meet the clans or tribes who were his targets. No explanation is given and this might mislead readers about the nature and objectives of these ghazawāt. indd 23 1/14/2011 3:08:59 PM THE ISLAMIC LAW OF WAR animals could find water, he went there to meet them, but, by the time the Prophet reached these places, they had already moved on.

167 Firestone’s idea that the munāfiqūn were not willing to engage in what he portrays as offensive action is misinformation. ”168 Firestone gives no explanation to substantiate the idea that their refusal to engage in fighting was based on a rejection of the new ethos of war. ”170 Ironically, some of the verses he uses to construct his theory (Qur’ān 48:11, 16) speak of the munāfiqūn who refused to join the Prophet in his journey to perform ‛umrah in 6/628. 171 It was because of such behavior, in addition to their occasional treason, that they were called hypocrites.

Lammens clearly states: “In the old Arab law, the Hijra did not merely signify rupture with his [Prophet Muh ammad] native town, but was equivalent to a sort of declaration of war against it. 43 The tribe or the clan was the source of an individual’s security and sense of belonging. 47 Thus, the fact that they had been persecuted and driven out of their homes and tribes solely because of their beliefs was the Qur’ānic justification for permitting the Muslims to fight in their own defense against their oppressors (Qur’ān 22:39–40), as will be shown in chapter two.

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American Exodus by Giles Slade

by Jason

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