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Download e-book for iPad: Against Hybridity: Social Impasses in a Globalizing World by Haim Hazan

By Haim Hazan

ISBN-10: 0745690696

ISBN-13: 9780745690698

One of the key features of our modern tradition is a favorable, nearly banal, view of the transgression and disruption of cultural barriers. Strangers, migrants and nomads are celebrated in our postmodern international of hybrids and cyborgs. yet we pay a value for this social gathering of hybridity: the non-hybrid figures in our societies are overlooked, rejected, silenced or exterminated. This booklet tells the tale of those non-hybrid figures Ð the anti-heroes of our pop culture.

The major instance of non-hybrids in an differently hybridized international is that of deep outdated age. Hazan indicates how we fervently distance ourselves from outdated age via grading and sequencing it into phases reminiscent of ‘the 3rd age’, ‘the fourth age’ etc. getting older our bodies are manipulated via anti-aging suggestions till it's not attainable to do it anymore, at which element they turn into un-transformable and non-marketable gadgets and as a result commercially and socially invisible or masked. different examples are used to clarify an analogous cultural common sense of the non-hybrid: ache, the Holocaust, autism, fundamentalism and corporeal demise. at the face of it, those examples could appear to don't have anything in universal, yet all of them exemplify an analogous cultural good judgment of the non-hybrid and galvanize comparable reactions of feedback, terror, abhorrence and ethical indignation.

This hugely unique and iconoclastic publication bargains a clean critique of up to date Western tradition via concentrating on that that's perceived as its different Ð the non-hybrid in our midst, frequently rejected, missed or silenced and deemed to be short of globally workable correction.

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But rather than lamenting this, this “fate” is celebrated by stressing the creative power of “the between,” showing how it can transform us, changing our conceptions of who we are, what we know, and how we live in the world. Like the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, the odyssey of the anthropologist has become one of going “there and back again,” familiarizing the exotic while exoticizing the familiar. Everything for contemporary anthropology is hence translatable by default, otherwise it clogs the anthropological machine.

The book, entitled On Late Style: Music and Literature against the Grain, follows Theodor Adorno’s inquiry into Beethoven’s late style of composition and in his wake Said develops a concept of timelessness detectable in the last works of great musicians and writers. Contrary to the culturally set congruity between life stages and styles of art prevailing along the penultimate phases of the life course (which Said refers to as “timeliness”), the final burst of artistic expression is irreconcilable, discordant, contentious and timeless.

Traditional, modern and postmodern anthropology in search of its other The purpose of this section, which concludes the book’s first chapter, is to describe in more detail how the dialectics of the wild and the tamable has unfolded through four phases in the history of anthropology, moving from traditional, via modern, into postmodern and currently to post-postmodern or post-traditional anthropology. In his discussion of “unifiers” and “relativizers,” Tambiah (1990: 111–39) presented two respective modes of conceived rationality: the first is addressed as knowledge based on universally valid rules of logic and inference affirmed by an outside observer, while the second consists of context-bound multiple language games and styles of reasoning.

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Against Hybridity: Social Impasses in a Globalizing World by Haim Hazan

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